Tuesday, March 26, 2024

TurnipDay IV

Another monthly casual Turnip28 meetup was on Sunday. Two new players added to the festive atmosphere. Great minis all around as always. I arranged the playing areas all in a row, shoulder-to-shoulder, which added to the chaotic look of the proceedings. Usually tough pike blocks getting mauled by the Beast of Bodlin Moor was particularly amusing...

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Whelps cavalry

This project was way overdue. I have not done any new figures or units for Turnip28 in ages, as I have been mainly focused on enhancing the terrain experience for this wonderful game.  I've had the donor figures to some cavalry (Old Glory Polish lancers) for ages, so I finally got around to creating this unit of Whelps equipped with black powder weapons.

I suppose part of the delay was that i wasn't 100% sure what I wanted the critters to look like. But I finally settled on "root vegetable with a dopey face" with the addition of a "giant turnip-like root rear end."  These are metal horses with the heads cut off, sculpting with milliput. The little roots/protrusions on their heads are stems from chestnut tree leaves or the dried roots of weeds from the side of the road. The riders' helms are various 3d printed bits.The flag is paper with some foil inside - I hand-painted the design.The pistols are spare arms from Warlord Games ECW cavalry I've had laying around for some time.  The "old sarge" skull on the banner top is a GW tomb kings head I found, with a spare shako on top of that.


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Banners for Turnips

I made a pair of banner-carriers and corresponding hand-painted banners for Turnip28.  I popped an existing figure off an existing unit of fodder and integrated the bannerman in its place.  Both units are greatly enhanced by this.

If the banners look familiar, its because I previously made them in 54mm back in 2020 or 2021 (if you scroll around in here you'll see them).


Monday, March 11, 2024

Stranglin' Harry's Wretched Recruits (Turnip28)

I painted up a unit of 4 whelps for Turnip28.  Whelps are light cavalry in Turnip, and I equipped mine with black powder weapons so they "shoot and scoot."  As with all things Turnip, this does not really make the unit any better than any other of the units (pretty much everything being woefully incompetent)!  I also painted up two banner carriers and integrated them into existing multibases. Then I had two games with Ben and his snail knights on Sunday.  I chose the Stranglin' Harry cult so I could just use my new whelps and my banner-bearing fodder units. I lost 'Wheel of Fortune' and won 'Into the Breach.'  I believe both games were decided on the last turn.  Next up I believe I will get my chaff (skirmishers) up to 4 models (I initially only painted 3, for some reason), and perhaps start on a new Cult-specific model.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Rose City Rumble 2024


Rose City Rumble was last weekend.  As I am still a bit of an novice, I lost all my games, but just missed a win (I timed out!) and a tie, so some progress.  From a list point of view, I dropped all my cavalry and took the Monarch with flying upgrade and 3 giants (so four titans).  This gave me some punch ability lacking in prior outings.

During the lunch break most of the armies were on display, so here's other people's armies...

This is a terrain piece and not part of someone's army.

"Goat Town"

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Enhill Wood

At Enhill Wood, Scots Covenanters, supported by local Parliament forces, met a Royalist force. The Scots cavalry was indecisive and closed too late with the engagement, giving the Royalists the victory for the day.

Monday, February 19, 2024

TurnipDay III

The monthly meetup of Turnip28 devotees was yesterday. Six players played nine games over a few hours. Taylor brought a complete set of terrain. I brought a new millwheel piece for the "Wheel of Fortune" scenario.