Friday, April 11, 2014

Postman's been!

In today's mail, my list online auction score: a presumably Prussian field command set!  I'd seen this pictured somewhere before so grabbed it. The paint's so awful it comes off on your fingers just holding the figures.  Its hard to tell but the map table actually has little raised elevation lines and stuff.  I thought this was a Britains set but the bottom of the table says Strombeckers Chicago IL.  Sorta seen in the background are marching and at ease soldiers that appear to be from the same set or at least the same maker and series, but with broken rifles and arms.

The set also has one Britains hollowcast mounted trooper with a missing arm and a hole in the side of the horse. Imprint on bottom of horse says W.Britains and 1906.

Also in the lot were some old plastic figs and the strong scent of a smokers home.  

The command set's getting a dip in Simply Green and then its a quick repaint.  The hollowcast I haven't decided on yet.