Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Raid! Again! (Song of Arthur)

Oh hey! Back to an old favorite - Song of Arthur & Merlin 'true skirmish' rules (by which I mean one mini = one man = one unit)! Set up the 'Raid' scenario (grab herds of sheep and escape off table!) using 5th century historical forces - terrain options a bit better than years past and I think a crowded board is more in flavor of the Song rule sets than open fields.

Just shy 300 points each side of Romano-British vs. Saxons.  The Romano-British are closer to the camera. You might notice there are more of them but that's because they are whispy city dwellers rather than husky Jutes and Angles and Saxons!

DID YOU KNOW? In addition to being strapping bucks handy with sword or shield, Saxons were also skilled sheep whisperers? Because they were! They corralled three herds of sheep and just ran those doggies to the nearest table edge like it weren't no thing at all!

These British dwellers in old Roman towns? You don't herd sheep a lot on geometric street patterns now do you? Lots of sheep following these weekend warriors for a turn, then wandering back off in the opposite direction to chomp some wildflowers. What's a Romano-British nobleman to do???

Conceded while the goings good and let those Jutes take those sheep for now, that's what!