Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Forced March

I have a large lead mountain of Italian Wars figures.  Enfilade is in May 2018.  I figure I can kill two birds with one stone, and have a game to run at Enfilade and also totally decimate my largest unpainted collection of miniatures.  Two units of pikes, two units of arquebusiers, and a unit of halberdiers, plus a mounted commander, were already completed back in June 

In late November I started three units of Landsknect pike (36 + 2 command), and as of today I am happy to say they only need their clear coats and to be based and flocked.  My goal was to have these done by the end of December, but I will end up beating that mark by a week.  This allows me to get a head start on the next, most insane target of my painting schedule, which is to simply paint all remaining infantry by the end of January.  This consists of 108 figures, which seems like a lot, except that I painted 96 Crimean War figures in a month for Ambuscade, so I figure how hard can it be?


36 landsknecht pike plus 12 Swiss pike + 1 foot command stand + 24 armored pike.


48 arquebusiers (36 landsknect and 12 Swiss)

24 Landsknecht doppelsoldners + 12 Swiss halberds

24 armored pikemen

2-4 command stands


18 Gendarmes + 6 'Archers' cavalry + 1 mounted command stand

18 Elmeti + 6 Genitor cavalry + 1 mounted command stand


12 Stradiots + 20 artillery crew + 4 guns + 1 mounted command stand


6 mounted crossbow + 6 mounted arquebusiers + 1 mounted command stand

4 baggage train wagons

This schedule is front-loaded for me to just crank out all the infantry in the first two months, which should make the three months approaching Enfilade less frantic.

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