Monday, February 12, 2018

Italian Wars infantry #2

10 days past deadline, but the 'infantry phase' of my Italian Wars painting schedule is finished! I painted and based over 156 infantry between December 1 and February 10!  Add to this the 60 I painted last June and I've got 216 rank-and-file figures for my Fornovo 1495 game at Enfilade!  I flocked the last of the bases yesterday morning and set them all out for parade on the table late afternoon.  This is all 216 plus the four commands I have so far.

(Above: these are the 'Swiss' or 'Italian' figures by Old Glory, plus a few Perry figs mixed in. I did not paint them in a 'Swiss' style, i.e. the white-and-red livery of Berne because I didn't want them to be exclusively Swiss. I have some unpainted Perry plastics and metals that I might do in the Berne livery later)

(Above: the landsknechts.  I am doubtful that the infamous doppelsoldners actually fought as separate units, but they're different-looking and fun to have on the table so there you go!)

(Above: I'll admit I had my moments of doubt with my color palette selection, but I am satisfied with the end result.  These are all Old Glory except the command and some of the arquebusiers)

(Above: Landsknechts.  I'm doubtful that there were very many full-on landsknechts, slashed sleeves and all, at Fornovo in 1495 (nor were there that many arquebusiers), but for this scenario they'll be there in force)

(That's a Perry Italian commander. Mounted command for the Italian Wars are hard to come by)

Next up is 60 heavy cavalry (which will break out into 12 units of 6 figs each) and 12 stradiot cavalry, plus some more commanders.


  1. Looking good Spencer - love the colours.

  2. Great stuff, I loook forward to seeing the cavalry.

    1. Thank you, Oli! I look forward to seeing the cavalry too (glares at 72 unpainted, partially primed figures)!

      So far I am really enjoying decimating this particular lead mountain, although the temptation to paint "something else" is very very strong...