Monday, May 14, 2018

Italian Wars painting completed!

Well, not really.  I still have a box of Perry plastic War of the Roses 'European Mercenaries' (and the separate metal Italian heads) to assemble and paint, another six Perry light cavalry (I'll do them as mounted crossbows) and 12 Perry plastic men at arms, but none of those were required for this project to be done.  Since November 2017 I have painted:

  • 36 Landsknecht pike
  • 60 Italian/Swiss pike
  • 36 Landsknecht aquebusiers
  • 36 Italian/Swiss arquebusiers
  • 24 Landsknecht doppelsoldners 
  • 24 Halberdiers
  • 30 Gendarmes
  • 30 Elmeti 
  • 12 'Archer' cavalry
  • 12 Stradiots light cavalry
  • 12 Mounted Crossbowmen
  • 12 command stands
  • 4 Heavy Guns with 5 crew each
  • 4 Guns (with 'Burgundian Carriages') with 3 crew each
  • 4 Baggage Stands
 This is a total of at least 350 figures in approximately 6 months, which is a nice clip of roughly 2 figures per day! Now, let us never attempt such a task again! I must confess I feel very liberated now to have this lead mountain completely painted and done with. 

(Above: my French king/commander stand - figures by Foundry - very pleased with how this came out)

(Above: the opposing general, for my Fornovo scenario this will be Gonzaga - figures again by Foundry)

(Above: A Perry Italian Wars commander.  I wish I could have made his horse more interesting but by this stage I felt unmodivated to come up with something unique - that said I'm very pleased with my armor effects at this point!)

(Above: Stoked on how these heavy artillery stands came out.)

(Above: A playtest underway. Play time was about 3 hours. Might go faster or slower at Enfilade! with more than two players playing.)

(Above: From the playtest - the French Gendarmes in the lower left move forward - while Italian Elmeti surge forward in the center right.  Getting these heavy cavalry units 'right' stat and rules-wise has been challenging.)

Not sure what the next painting projects/focus will be. As noted above I have more Italian Wars stuff to paint, which I will do at a relaxed and leisurely pace involving small batches!  I have also been acquired small units of fantasy stuff for Dragon Rampant which I would like to have a few more go-arounds with.
See you at Enfilade!


  1. That is unbelievable progress! All in 6 months - now to have some games with them!

  2. Impressive finish - I particularly like the cannon and crew. See you in a few!

  3. Fantastic work in such a short time, they look great!
    Best Iain