Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year in Review

1. Games played.

Normans vs Normans game (January)
Marston Moor on St. Patrick's Day (March) - this one was a great idea!
Fornovo 1495 playtest (April)
Fornovo 1495 playtest (May)
Enfilade games x3, +2 hosted (May)
Fornovo 1495 with Portland's Finest (June)
First Newbury with Portland's Finest (July)
Napoleonic Lion Rampant x2 (August)
Calvern 1499 (August)
Agnadello 1503 (September)
Novara 1513 (November)
Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader game (December)
Braddock Down (December)

That's 18 games for the year (including 4 or 5 which I only GMed). This pales in comparison to the 30 I played in 2017, although since I've quit SAGA that's a big part of that drop off.

2. Miniatures Painted

The other blame for the drop off in play is the painting death march to get my Italian Wars armies up and running for Enfilade. So 12 less games played in exchange for 350 painted miniatures is a fair trade (I reckon). On top of that I speed-painted 60 Space Marines over the summer which was a fun change of pace. 

And I am happy to report I have also painted 18 Romano-British/Arthurian cavalry, 12 infantry (to go with the 12 I painted a long time ago - featured in some of my old Song of Arthur and Merlin and SAGA games) and 24 archers, giving me a nice 7-unit Lion Rampant army, as well as just the other day finishing 36 Arthurian (aka "Migration Period") Saxons to go with the 24 of those I already had, giving me a Lion Rampant Saxon force of 5 units. To these I re-based my 24 Arthurian Irish to be Saxon or Romano-British allies (so 2 more foot units – giving me 14 units to split between two players). This one was on the to-do list over a year ago and I'm very pleased to have completed it and am excited to add Franks and Late Romans to this collection later on.

3.  Up Next

For 2019 I am planning to host the third annual Ambuscade gaming event on February 9. I am also going to paint Spanish infantry for the Italian Wars in order to run Ravenna at Enfilade in May. After that I want to dig into aforementioned Franks and Late Romans, but also add a little more to my English Civil War collection to give me some more variability with that period.

Be seeing you in the coming year! Thanks for reading and following along!